List Your Asset on Coinbase

Have you developed a new digital asset? And has it passed legal and security review? If so, apply to list your asset on Coinbase today.

No application fees

For digital assets that meet our standards, we don’t want application fees to be a barrier.

Reach millions of Coinbase customers

Bring your asset to millions of Coinbase customers in a safe, secure, and legal way.

Establish your digital asset

An asset listed on Coinbase has passed a rigorous bar for legal, security, and technical review.

Our Digital Asset Framework

When evaluating new assets for Coinbase, we use a framework for digital asset review to uphold the standards our customers have come to expect. After a thorough legal and security assessment, we look at the technology, developers, community, market demand, and a host of other factors related to the asset.

Want to list your asset on Coinbase to reach individual and institutional customers around the world?

Here's what you need to know:

Coinbase will rapidly list digital assets which meet our standards and comply with local laws in the jurisdictions where they are made available for trading.

The application form and the digital asset framework will be regularly updated, and the form will indicate the latest version of the framework we are evaluating against.

We expect to publicly announce the addition of new assets only at or near the time of public launch across one or more Coinbase products.

At its discretion, Coinbase may choose to list assets on the basis of its own evaluation, even in the absence of an application. In other cases, we will attempt to give quick, specific reasons for the approval or rejection of particular assets.